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Reiki Energy Healing & Classes

Photo Caption: To the left is a picture of the human energy field (aura). Traditionally, it's believed there are 7 layers of the aura, each corresponding to a different energy center or chakra.  On this page, I'll show you an example of healthy and clogged energy fields look like. 

When I talk to people about Reiki, the first things they ask are: "What is Reiki?" and "How does it work?" 

The easiest/simplest way to explain it is ... Reiki healing is like Draino in a clogged pipe. When your sink pipes are clogged, pouring a de-clogger into the sink breaks up and flushes the clog. Reiki does the same to the energetic "clogs" or blocks throughout the body and energy field (aura). These blocks cause imbalances like: illness, depression, and physical pain. Additionally, Reiki enhances energy flow, preventing blocks from forming. By keeping our energy fields healthy and balanced, we feel good both physically and emotionally. 

I know this may sound woo-woo or "new-agey", but it's true. The best way to understand Reiki is to experience it for yourself. I highly doubt you'll think of it as new age baloney afterwards!

Reiki Sessions :

Excerpt from our menu"Reiki is a form of Japanese energy work that brings the body, mind, and spirit into a state of balance. Reiki relieves stress and promotes overall wellness." 

That's the formal definition of Reiki. Informally, Reiki is a beautiful form of energy healing that is unlike anything else in the holistic health field. One of the main principles of Reiki is that the higher intelligence of the client (soul, higher self, or subconscious,etc) directs the energy to do whatever will benefit them best. This means that there is no way to screw up. The energy flows wherever it's needed, and does only what the client needs, even when the client doesn't consciously know what that is. 

For Example:A practitioner is asking for the Reiki energy to help the client feel peaceful and stress-free, when in fact the client is subconsciously (and energetically) releasing old, blocked emotions and trauma. This practitioner is intending immediate calm for the client. Working with just intention, this practitioner could potentially suppress the releasing process that's already in motion, therefore stuffing the emotions/energy back down in the client. The result is energy blocks in the body and aura while dragging out the releasing process. With Reiki energy, only what's needed will happen -- like releasing the emotions more quickly or smoothly. 

During a session:

The client lays down fully clothed, and relaxes. The Reiki practitioner than begins the treatment (can be touching the client or hands hovering above the body). Reiki is very soothing and the client may fall asleep. People feel heat, tingles, and other sensations. People experienced with meditation and yoga who recognize different levels of consciousness (or brain wave states), may feel a deepening of brain states without doing anything to cause it. Reiki can be beautifully combined with massage and other modalities ... even meditation and hypnosis.

Individual Sessions: 60 min / $70    90/min / $90 

Balanced and clogged energy fields (auras). Clogged auras can be caused by:

  • Negative thoughts/Feelings
  • Negative or Harmful Patterns, Behaviors, Habits
  • Physical or Mental Illness
  • Injuries
  • Other People / Environment
  • Entity / Spirit Attachment or Contact

There are many things that can have positive or negative effects on the energy field. Every thought you think or food you eat effects your overall vibration. 

What Can Reiki Do For You?

  • Help clear emotional blocks to achieve mental and emotional balance. 
  • Eases anxiety/depression, and helps engineer a positive outlook on life.
  • Normalizes blood pressure, both high and low. 
  • Relieves pain of many physical ailments and eases medication side effects.
  • Aids the body detoxing from toxins.
  • Assists addicts in the withdrawal process.
  • Aids and promotes restful sleep.

Distance Reiki Healing: 

Reiki can be sent over time and space to people/places/things/situations/etc. Distance healing is never charged for, and 15 minutes of distance Reiki with Reiki symbols is equal to an hour of in-person, on the table energy healing. For people who cannot get a Reiki session in person, it can be sent to them. For people on hospice, in nursing homes/hospitals who are unable to afford energy healing sessions -- we do distance healing. For one week, every day, we do distance healing on the person. If you have a loved one (or yourself) who fits this description, you can request a treatment. Send us the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • First name of the person to receive healing
  • Picture of person (This is optional. A picture helps us to focus but is not required). 
  • Description of situation if desired. If there are specific things you want addressed, add this in your request. 

Send this info to  Please keep in mind that there are a limited number of practitioners and it may take time for us to begin the week of distance healing. We do this to give back and help out only. If there is a waiting list, we will keep you updated on time frames/your requests place. Thank you! 

Reiki Attunement Classes (Certifications)

All classes can be scheduled upon demand. Please contact Tara using the contact forms below or calling 508-927-2678 (email: to set up your class. 

Usui Reiki 1 Certification Class

This is a one day class teaching the theory and practice of Usui system Reiki. The student is taught the history and background and then attuned to the energy itself, allowing it to flow through the student. Reiki 1 focuses on self healing and provides the foundation for additional Reiki training. Certificates are given at the end of class.

Reiki can help any physical and mental ailment by relaxing the client and balancing the energy of the body. After Reiki 2, you will be able to market yourself as a Reiki practitioner and work with private clients or companies, like hospice providers.

What You Will Learn/Receive 

  • Ability to practice Reiki -- primarily self treatments. At this point you do not charge for your services.

  • Background and history of Reiki, including theoretical and clinical Reiki practices -- there will be a practice portion in the class including training performing distance healing (Reiki 2).

  • Meditation and visualization techniques, including a meditation to cultivate wanted emotions enhanced with Reiki energy.

  • Workbook and Reiki binder complete with manual.

  • Journal included as well as techniques you can use for greater for healing.

  • Ongoing support from your instructor to heal and become the best Reiki practitioner you can become.

  • A crystal and votive candle positioned in your lap to be attuned to the higher vibration with you. Use the crystal for energy sessions, and burn the candle to release healing energy into your environment.

Usually, we teach Reiki 2 with Reiki 1 in a two day format. If you feel you need time between classes, your second class will be scheduled at a later date. Reiki 2 attunes you to an even higher vibration and allows you to treat others. 

Cost: Reiki 1 $150.00 (Includes certificate and all materials)

Reiki 2 Certification Class

Take your vibration to the next level! This class expands upon the foundation of Reiki 1 and attunes your energy to a higher vibration. At Reiki 1 you are considered 30% energetically expanded than someone not attuned to Reiki, after level 2, you are 70%-80% energetically expanded. This also refers to the amount of energy you are able to pull through during a session, to both yourself and your clients. If you are already a Massage Therapist, Coach, or other holistic health practitioner, Reiki will enhance and accelerate your work!

What You Will Learn/Receive

  • Practice Reiki on others and give a session from start to finish, including hand positions for clients and what those    positions do physically/energetically.

  • How to give a distance healing session (send Reiki to people, events, and objects).

  • How to accelerate healing using the symbols to enhance the energy (I know this sounds repetitive but it's one of the  main tools in a Reiki treatment and powers up your ability to help others).

  • Advanced meditations and techniques for healing and clearing emotional blocks, including combining Reiki with     affirmations for powerful transformation. Also includes: Space Cleaing

  • Marketing your Reiki practice -- including internet marketing, client intake forms, and setting up a professional session.

  • Reiki binder with manual

  • Practice time and overview of client intakes, over the phone and in person.

  • Crystal and votive attuned with you in your class.

  • Client communication and dealing with specific problems/ailments.

Already attuned to Reiki 1 or 2? Contact Us to find out about Master Teacher training and other advanced Reiki systems such as Lighterian Reiki. Private and group classes are available. Click our Calendar to view upcoming classes and Reiki related events. 

Cost Reiki 2: $250.00
Reiki 1 and 2 combined: $350.00

Who Is Tara And Why Choose This Reiki Class?

Tara Gustafson is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher with a background in personal development and traditional psychology.

Tara brings years of holistic health experience to the table with her advanced education in: massage, energy work, transformative coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and meditation. Tara is a teacher who walks her talk, after investing many years in her own growth and healing after a series of traumatic events. The techniques she teaches are techniques she has used and applied. Reiki is not just a tool to Tara, it is a way of life. A daily spiritual practice. Her goal is to leave every student feeling prepared and empowered for a life with Reiki, and support for students does not end at the end of class. This is more than just a class, it is a life changing day.

The videos below are about the general topic of Reiki. 
Left: Dr. Oz on Reiki                                                    Right: William Rand 

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