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On this page, I hope to give you all an idea of who I am and what kind of holistic health practitioner I am. While I talk about schooling and qualifications, it's the emotional side and personality traits that really make up the practitioner.  When you understand my background, you'll be able to better determine if working with me suits your needs.

Below you will find other practitioners who work at my center as well.

Tara's Bio

My journey with healing and natural health began with a series of personal tragedies that left me very ill, severely depressed, and just plain miserable. After the birth of my daughter, and her father's subsequent death -- I became determined to heal mentally and physically, before my daughter became an orphan. It took many years, countless hours, and bumps in the road, but now I've become a happy, healthy, positive person and have created a beautiful life following my heart.

During all this self-work, I realized that no one can heal one part of themselves, and ignore the others. All levels of the body-mind-soul need to be addressed. I also discovered first hand that most (if not all) physical ailments have an emotional root. This led me to massage school in 2007 to learn more about this body-mind link, and how to heal through it. During this time, I also completed advanced levels of Reiki, naturopathy, and mediation trainings.

After working with clients using massage and energy work, I soon knew something was missing. All along I had studied personal development and psychology, and it occurred to me maybe combining both physical and emotional/mental was the answer. I learned to treat the root of the problem, not just symptoms. This made a world of difference and soon I got more training (coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming), going on to learn many other techniques and systems as well. I'm proud to be a perpetual student. 

All of these experiences and training melded together to form a unique style. Now my life is helping people transform themselves and their lives. This has been an incredible journey, and there's nothing better than watching someone totally heal and blossom before your eyes, knowing you helped them get there.

"Never ask a client to do something you haven't already done yourself."


Licensed Massage Therapist -- Graduate of Spa Tech Institute in Plymouth, Ma

Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Lightarian Reiki (All Levels)

Master Life Coach certification

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner certification

Meditation Teacher certification

Aromatherapist certification

Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner from the American Science Academy

Lypossage Therapist -- Certified Lypotherapist

Experience Includes:

Nursing (10 years in long term care, short term rehabilitation, and sub-acute treatment), counseling -- psychiatric rehabilitation, massage & energy work (private practice and award winning spas), meditation, hypnosis, EFT/tapping, energy work and healing, chakra healing, herbs/essential oils/plant extracts/naturopathy, crystal healing, and more. 

While I have extensive experience and education, there's no one thing I rely on or use more than the other. All of these modalities have been blended into my practice and work with people. The most important thing is finding what works best for each individual, and helping them holistically. Meaning, addressing all levels of the mind and body. 

Michelle Demers Bio:

Since she can remember, Michelle has had an innate ability to read people energetically, often feeling the emotions behind their words and actions -- knowing when they were in pain. Similarly, she has the ability to do the same with animals. She is a natural born healer, sensing problems and intuitively understanding how to help. After many health challenges throughout her childhood and teenage years, she began looking for ways to help herself and others -- while understanding more about her gifts.

In June of this year, Michelle completed her Masters level In Usui Reiki. She also completed the first 2 levels of Angel Links. Michelle is now offering Reiki sessions at Sandwich Holistic for a reduced rate while she builds her confidence. She plans to continue on her studies; completing all levels of advanced Lightarian Reiki as well.


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