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On this page, you'll find info on our weight loss services. 

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What Is Weight Loss Massage? 

Weight loss massage (technically known as Lypossage) is a unique and customized form of massage that uses special strokes to break down and flush fat/cellulite. These techniques (strokes) are only used in weight loss massage modalities and effectively speed up the toning process while tightening skin and improving overall health. This all natural, non-invasive treatment detoxifies the body and flushes excess fluids. Body contouring results build up from consistent treatments, like with exercising at the gym, so Body Contouring is done in 8-12 week programs, depending upon the schedule and desires of the client. Some of the benefits include: 

  • Break up and flush fatty tissue/cellulite
  • Improve circulation to skin, improving tone and elasticity
  • Enhance muscle tone and flexibility
  • Cleanse the body of toxins and stagnant fluid; boosts disease immunity
  • Decrease allergy symptoms, clear sinuses, reduce eye puffiness/bags, reduce wrinkles
  • Helps with PMS symptoms; lifts and tones breasts
  • Surgery free; a fraction the cost of lasers or surgery
  • Enjoyable treatments; on going support any time you need it

  • This simple diagram shows bubble-like deposits that make up cellulite. Factors that contribute to cellulite may include diet, exercise/activity level, toxin build-up, hormonal factors, and clothing among other things.

  • Heat therapy and massage have been clinically proven to reduce cellulite and help people get in shape. Average results are up to 14 inches over a few month span, and 1-2 dress sizes. 

  • The beauty of this treatment is you get all the regular health benefits of regular massage, but also sculpt the body you want.

How Does It Work? 

Lypossage is a multi-week program, consisting of two 30 minute sessions per week (24 total) with periodic check-ins for measurements. After 6-8 treatments, the client starts seeing results. Lypossage does not require you to change your diet/exercise routine, however, the more you do to help yourself, the better results you will achieve. 

   Session 1: During the first session, your therapist takes photos/measurements and a detailed intake. In this 60 minute intake session, you choose your targeted regions ("trouble areas") and have a full body session. We then do your first body contouring session. After that first visit, the 30 minute sessions begin. Each session combines essential oils for detox and specialized lotions/oils for cellulite reduction, detox, and skin firming. Heat and hydrotherapy is used to further enhance results. We will also check in weekly to check your progress and review any changes, concerns, or questions you might have. 

This Will Work For You If ... 

  • You are on a diet/exercise program and are having trouble getting results
  • You've successfully managed the mental part (patterns, habits, etc) and/or already lost weight. now you want to tone up loose skin/flush cellulite
  • You understand your body and it's messages, it's nutritional and spiritual needs 
  • If you have already done extensive mind-body work, working with beliefs, blocks, patterns, etc and are left with excess weight you cannot seem to lose/tone, a weight loss massage program may give you the boost you need. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

The program is 24 sessions done 2 or 3 times per week, 30 minutes each and includes: 

  • One 60 minute session; first intake session 
  • Two or three 30 minute sessions per week
  • Unlimited support via email/phone
  • One bonus 60 minute Swedish massage (after program ends)

If you think you might be interested -- call Tara and schedule a consultation. Not every person is right for these programs; the consultation is the time to figure that out. Consultations can include a sample session, so you experience Lypossage techniques prior to purchase. 

This video (to the right) is a good example of body contouring weight loss massage. While not created by Tara, this video illustrates some of the techniques Tara uses. 

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